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As a trainer she mixes genuine care and support with enthusiasm and technical proficiency. Carol is truly a great teacher. I look forward to the next level of my training!!

Emma Godfrey, 40

Anyway to cut a long story short, 3 sessions later, a few bruises and lots of laughs I have accomplished so much. I ride a lot more technical tracks, enjoy hill climbs and had an amazing trip throughout the south island riding tracks with my partner that I never would have attempted 3 months ago. I can’t speak more highly of Carol, not only her knowledge in the sport but her positive attitude, sense of humour and ability to really relate to her clients. She is genuinely invested in you achieving your goals and having a lot of fun along the way.

Belinda Charteris

Carol has an amazing enthusiasm and passion for mountain biking. I love the technical based feedback, the knowledge shared and the ease of learning with Carol. We have lots of fun on our mountain bike rides and I think I have caught the ‘bike bug.’ I would definitely recommend Carol to all my friends and beyond!

Michael Brosnhan

Michael Brosnhan

Carol is a fountain of knowledge and I soon started looking at my nutrition and realised it had to change. Having a personal trainer is so much better than just going to a gym. Right from day one Carol and I clicked, it is so important to enjoy your workout time. I would not hesitate to recommend Carol if you just wanted to workout or if you had a specific goal in mind, Carol will work with you to achieve that goal.

Penny Church

Penny Church

When I first met Carol I was a person disinterested in fitness with zero motivation. Carol has exceeded any expectations that I had held for a Personal Trainer. I went to Carol seeking guidance on how to achieve and maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle while also overcoming major set backs from debilitating leg surgery. […]

Shona Wills, 53

Carol is AMAZING – she has a way about her that is encouraging without being pushy. I challenged myself and tried new ways of doing things and came out feeling really confident. Funny how much more enjoyable something is when you know what you are doing.