Getting motivated beyond your beliefs (excuses)

At the heart of weight control we find personal motivation. Controlling your weight doesn’t just happen. It takes action, action and more action. The same can be said for motivation. It needs action also. In order for this to be successful it needs to come from you.

Let’s look at the truth and lies about some food beliefs.

Here are a few of the most familiar excuses we have.

Take note of these. Read them out loud so you can hear yourself saying the words.

“Healthy food is not convenient”

NO. Many tasty natural foods don’t need any preparation. You can snack on them just as they are the minute you feel a craving coming on.

“Everyone deserves a treat now and then”

YES. But a treat does not have to be fattening food. Why not treat yourself to your favorite exotic fruit? Even better use this as an opportunity to change your treat beliefs. Food doesn’t even have to come into it. How about some new clothes when you lose some of those kilos or a massage or pedicure.

It is important to have rewards and treats but it is time to move away from using food as the reward.

“Healthy food is boring”

NO. Healthy food is not boring. As in life variety is the spice of food. There are plenty of healthy foods that are so interesting it will take you a lifetime to get through all the combinations you can produce. Try nuts, seeds, dried fruit and crunchy vegetable in small quantities to help sustain you throughout the day. They will help you cut down on your cravings and help to halt that tendency to overeat when you have your evening meal.

“Fat runs in my family”  

NO. You could say fat does run in the family but only when it reaches melting point while cooking usually. Maybe family members are fat. That is simply because you and they are eating too much! It is not a good thing for you to accept that because family members are fat and lazy then it is your destiny to be that way also.

Show them the real you so they can see you can lose the weight and that they could too. Be pioneering in your family. Lead the way.

“It’s because of my age”

NO. It’s not because of your age. It’s because you feel some comfort in the status quo in both your weight and your eating habits. You are eating too much compared to what you are using up in between meals. Sure your metabolism may have slowed down due to the number of birthdays you have had but this is not a reason for you to stop taking charge of what goes in your mouth. There are people all over the world just like you who have said enough is enough and are taking control over the food that passes their lips. You can too!

“I’ve tried to lose weight before and put the weight back on. What’s the point? ”

NO. This may well be the case. Just because it has happened before does not mean you can’t change it this time if you really want to. Do not expect to fail. If you do then you will. Look at yourself more honestly and start acknowledging what you have achieved not what you haven’t. Accept you are overweight and that you no longer want to remain this way. No in your heart you can do better than you have ever done before.

“I don’t have the time”

NO. This would have to be the worst one in the world. You do have the time if you want to make it. Do you manage to take yourself off to the coffee shop or the fast food outlet? Then you have time to change that and shop at the supermarket for healthy food and do some exercise instead. It is all about choice. What choice will you make?

“I just can’t do it. I’ve too much to lose”

YES. You can do it. You just need to want to and to start of slow. It is important to lose weight slowly so as not to ile it al back on once ou achieve your goal. By then your eating and exercise will be a part of your life and no longer a chore. You already know you have a problem so that is the first step. Next step is to take action.

You can do it so trust yourself and allow the change to happen. Who knows you may even enjoy the process!

Week 1 “20 Weeks Body & Lifestyle”