Little RIver Trail on a cold Clear Winters Morning


Pool Party Challenge




Coopers Creek – Oxford February 2010

The “Fitness Family” turned up on a glorious summer’s morning to do a day’s walk into “Coopers Creek” behind Oxford.

Coopers Creek Adventure

15 keen souls made our way tramping through mud water and glorious bush to a lovely spot by the Ryder water falls.

Lunch was shared on the river bank with wonderful company sun and laughter. The terrain was rough and a steady gradient which pushed us all out of our comfort zones. We ran or walked but all of us enjoyed great conversation and laughter with the joy of knowing we can and have pushed our minds and bodies further than we thought we could.

The immense satisfaction and pride I have of these wonderful people can never be put into words. I am stoked and humbled by their willingness to push themselves to do these crazy things that most of them told me they couldn’t do.

So “Fitness Family” onwards and upwards. See you on the next adventure.