A friend of mine gave me the idea of doing some one on one Mountain bike skills training. I had been riding for about a year and had got to a stage where Bottle Lake and McLean’s Island no longer challenged me but I wasn’t technically good enough to master the next stage. I would try riding more technically challenging things with my partner but it would usually end up with me either falling off or walking. My friend had done a weekend course with Carol and found it invaluable not to mention totally enjoyable.

So after a quick email and phone call I found myself at the bottom of Rapaki ready for my first 2 hour session. Within minutes of meeting Carol I was at ease and laughing and after 2 minutes into our ride I was learning things to improve my riding. In the first session we covered some climbing techniques and some tricky single track points where previously I had to get off and walk.

Anyway to cut a long story short, 3 sessions later, a few bruises and lots of laughs I have accomplished so much. I ride a lot more technical tracks, enjoy hill climbs and had an amazing trip throughout the south island riding tracks with my partner that I never would have attempted 3 months ago.

I can’t speak more highly of Carol, not only her knowledge in the sport but her positive attitude, sense of humour and ability to really relate to her clients. She is genuinely invested in you achieving your goals and having a lot of fun along the way.

Emma Godfrey, 40

I am a complete novice to mountain biking, but having entered the Spring Challenge I have to learn and learn quick!   A friend put me in touch with Carol and “what a find.” Carol has an amazing enthusiasm  and passion for mountain biking. I love the technical based feedback, the knowledge shared and the ease of learning with Carol. We have lots of fun on our mountain bike rides and I think I have caught the ‘bike bug.’ I would definitely recommend Carol to all my friends and beyond!

Belinda Charteris

Hi my name is Michael I met Carol Hides back in May 2012, after looking for a personal trainer to help me lose weight.  My first contact with Carol was by phone. Carol was very friendly and easy to talk to.

I arranged a time to see Carol to talk about what I was wanting to do.  As I was wanting to lose weight by biking I soon learned that Carol was a avid road cyclist and mountain biker with plenty of experience.  Just what I needed.

Carol set up a programme which would start improving my fitness.  I would see her once a week for an hour.  The first couple of months were hard going as I had a lot of weight to lose.  As time went on I could see my weight going down and my fitness improving.

testimonial---michaelThis dramatically improved my cycling. Carol is a fountain of knowledge and I soon started looking at my nutrition and realised it had to change.  Having a personal trainer is so much better than just going to a gym.  Right from day one Carol and I clicked, it is so important to enjoy your workout time.

As time went on Carol increased the intensity of my workouts so it did not too become easy.  I wanted to do LeRace 100kms to Akaroa so my training changed to work towards that goal. Carol set up a 15 week cycling programme. Carols enthusiasm and commitment to her work is a credit to her.

I would not hesitate to recommend Carol if you just wanted to workout or if you had a specific goal in mind, Carol will work with you to achieve that goal.

Michael Brosnhan

PennyWhen I first met Carol I was a person disinterested in fitness with zero motivation. Carol has exceeded any expectations that I had held for a Personal Trainer.

I went to Carol seeking guidance on how to achieve and maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle while also overcoming major set backs from debilitating leg surgery.

Through positive encouragement and a supportive environment, Carol has shown me my true abilities and that I have potential far greater than I believed I was capable of. Whether it’s out cycling on the road, mountain biking or working out in the gym, Carol has the ability to push me outside of my own comforts zones without me even noticing!

I cannot speak highly enough of Carol, from her wealth of knowledge of fitness, her ability and successes in cycling, and to her positive example of healthier living.

Penny Church

After regularly falling off my mountain bike and getting sick of all the bruises I thought it was time to learn how to do it properly. I had also lost confidence so was riding like a nana. I spent an afternoon out at McLeans Island with Carol learning all of the basics. There were four of us; different ages, different abilities and varying levels of fitness. Carol is AMAZING – she has a way about her that is encouraging without being pushy. I challenged myself and tried new ways of doing things and came out feeling really confident. I was the oldest and probably the least fit in the group but I certainly didn’t feel as though I held people up. The whole group had a ball and came away with a whole lot of new skills. Funny how much more enjoyable something is when you know what you are doing.

Shona Wills, 53