MTB Skills

Basket bike smallAfter many years of competitive Mountain Bike racing it is a pleasure to empower women wanting to improve their riding skills.
My passion is  in developing Mountain Bike skills for women. Whether you are new to mountain biking, or more experienced, I can help typically with a  one-on-one session. This enables me to gear your session to suit you and your needs.
So often i hear that women want to ride with their partners, children or friends but a to afraid to go that extra step and give it a go.
The value in working at something that is a challenge is far more than just on the bike and the challenge itself.
f i am able to share my passion and love of the outdoors with others while supporting them to remain or even be more connected to the people who matter than I know I am doing the right thing.
For me it is about working with the skills you have to give you the confidence to work on areas you are not so strong in.
So working with you at your skill level and enabling you to ride something you believed you couldn’t is very humbling.
Contact me if  you would like to discuss where your at and where you would like to go from here.
Remember the hardest part is actually making that first move and contacting me.
Id love to chat with you.
Speak soon.
Happy pedaling